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Without training of some sort, nothing of quality can ever be achieved. Where to get the best training is the question; in the hospitality industry, each sector has a specific training required in order to obtain the best results possible in the field. In her article “Training the Heart of the Hotel”, Lizz Chambers develops a number of points in her approach to training housekeeping staff; the article is structured on real-life experiences and not just theories or advices, hence interesting the reader in her topic as well as in her occupation, more specifically. Nevertheless, this article is biased in that it tries to get the reader’s attention attracted in Chambers’ potential services through relating the story in question. To begin…show more content…
All these elements are aimed at convincing the reader of Chambers’ company’s competence; by even mentioning competition and the difference between them, this article has all the elements required to convince and bring the point across: she and her company truly are the best. Speaking of competition and using the word ‘heart’ to appeal, ‘FRED’ (Finding Revenue Every Day) is a company which also does training for housekeeping. In their promotion of their programs, ‘FRED’ states ‘housekeepers are the heart of a hotel’ (‘Fred Programs’, 2006), which shows that this marketing tool (motto) is not quite a new idea, as Chambers would like to give out. By reading it somewhere else, the words seem to loose conviction and energy. When comparing ‘Training the Heart of a Hotel’ article (Chambers, 2006) to the ‘Fred Programs’ (‘Fred Programs’ 2006) presentation of possible housekeeping training programs, one may find the simplicity of the latter more attractive than the sweetening words of Chambers; this is yet another proof of the bias of Chambers’ article. If anyone interested in Lizz Chambers’ training programs would then look further, they would indeed find she is quite a reliable source of information on the

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