How Animation Has The Power To Shape. . We Live In A Time

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HOW ANIMATION HAS THE POWER TO SHAPE We live in a time where children are spending most of their time in front of a television. Cartoons are a resource of transmission of cultural, educational and social values, to which we do not always seem to give the attention that we must. A research carried out in 1998 on the children 's television universe in Euskadi (Spain), said that the average television consumption in children aged from 4 to 12 years reached 162 minutes per day. Children are immersed in a process of development, especially at a young age where they absorb knowledge from almost everything and all that is around them influences them. Cartoons, constitute the transmitting medium par excellence. They represent a tool that for…show more content…
Will have an impact in kids and the way they think, because a kid does not stop to think that a character in a cartoon is not a real person, so the way that character is acting looks totally normal for them. Giving this character the power to shape this kid’s personality. Leaving aside the indisputable importance of the economic factor for the transmission of series of cartoons, we observe a series of aspects that in some occasions reflect the intentionality educational and cultural of their authors, such as Beauty and the Beast while others are far from this purpose and even disregard it using animation for a more mature audience, like American Dad. Let us focus on these two examples for a moment. The Beauty and the Beast, a film that is based on the importance of inner beauty and self-love, The critical function of this film is to represent some of the values that society seems to forget such as indiscrimination, since the film shows a clear discrimination against the Beast with actions such as trying to end his life just because he does not have the same physical characteristics as the rest of the people. This discrimination is ended by Belle (the protagonist), since she is the one who begins to approach to the Beast and tries to get him closer to society by instilling certain values, norms, and behaviors.
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