How Assistive Device Use Could Affect Social Experiences

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The study design was described in this study. The investigator stated that it was a phenomenological, qualitative research design. The design was effective as it helped to understand the human as well as social problems. It also helped to investigate the experiences of individuals with certain phenomenon.
The instrumentation and methods were sufficiently explained. In relation to the purpose of this study, the investigator gathered the student participants’ perceptions using a semi-structured and open-ended interview. For a period of thirty minutes, every student was interviewed. During the half an hour interview, the observations and notes were recorded in a field log. The legal guardians of the subjects and the subjects themselves were informed of the …show more content…

They were able to explain risk reversibility, severity and frequency where necessary. For instance, they stated the possible risks to be emotional or psychological risks. Subjects could suffer from nervousness or embarrassment. The risks were related to the discussion of how assistive device use could affect social experiences. Subjects were requested to rethink about any issue that may make them feel uncomfortable discussing it with a stranger. To minimize or avoid the above stated risks, the psychologist was requested to screen students who were not fit to be included in the research. Additionally, from the survey, a sample query was encompassed on the child assent and parental consent form. This gave the possible subjects as well as the parents a chance to decide if they could comfortably answer the kind of questions to be used in the interviews. To everyone who took part in this study, the school psychologist’s contact information was provided. In the process of data acquisition, participants were severally asked whether they felt uncomfortable. Anyone was free to decline the participation in case they felt

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