How Authors in Foreign Language and Literature Discipline Research, Compile, and Publish, Information

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The following ethnography is a study on how authors in the Foreign Language and Literature discipline research compile and publish information regarding the ability of people to fluently learn new languages. Furthermore, this ethnography will provide a full understanding of how these writers their different strategies and techniques to help determine if a human has really fully mastered a language to the greatest of their ability. Writers in the Foreign Language Discipline have recently targeted to research and write on how human beings learn, adapt, and study any language that was not taught from birth; making that language an entirely foreign entity to them. Writers also tend to use a variety of different technologies to do studies on …show more content…

When I conducted an interview about the foreign language discipline, I asked the question: “What do writers in the foreign language discipline really study?” I asked this to one of my old high school Spanish teachers to which she responded by saying “ they study many different things like how a human being can successfully learn the foreign he or she is attempting to learn, what it takes for them to learn it or even how long it typical take for them to learn the language” (Goss 2013). Also, while researching was being conducted on this topic expert in this discipline currently study, I found out that people study different concepts on how to come up with ways to learn particular languages easier. They also find and come up with programs that make learning the language fun, so that person learning a new language does not get frustrated and just give up as easily as they would have using antiquated systems of learning. These learning systems have been largely reliant on the every expanding technologies of our society and will likely be extrapolated on future to encompass a more complete system of learning in the future.
In order to learn how writers write, study, and research the abilities of how a individual successfully learn a foreign language, it is important for the learner to know of the factors that are believed to contribute to the ease or difficulty at which one learns a foreign language. Some of these

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