How Authors in Foreign Language and Literature Discipline Research, Compile, and Publish, Information

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The following ethnography is a study on how authors in the Foreign Language and Literature discipline research compile and publish information regarding the ability of people to fluently learn new languages. Furthermore, this ethnography will provide a full understanding of how these writers their different strategies and techniques to help determine if a human has really fully mastered a language to the greatest of their ability.
Writers in the Foreign Language Discipline have recently targeted to research and write on how human beings learn, adapt, and study any language that was not taught from birth; making that language an entirely foreign entity to them. Writers also tend to use a variety of different technologies to do studies on how focused a human is on the literature of a non-native language to see if that particular person actually learns and processes the language successfully. These modern methods of conducting research have opened new frontiers allowing for quantitative results of humanitarian issues that would have previously been nearly impossible.
Writers, in addition have started to investigate the influences of a human personality type has on perceptual learning style preference and language learning strategies. The general condense that was the perquisite to these research questions is that different human personas and personality types can vastly influence ones ability to learn certain intellectual skill . Concluding this research outline, the reader…