How Batman (Dark Knight Trilogy) is a Failed Hero Essay

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Everyone knows who Batman is. Batman has many different monikers, from “The Dark Knight” to “Gotham's White Light” He is the hero of Gotham City. However, he is not the perfect superhero. Whenever he is fighting a villian such as the Joker and Bane, his methods are unorthodox to the average superhero. The way Batman fights crime, destroying the enviroment to do whatever it takes to stop the villian, and involving collateral damage, makes him a failed hero. Batman's vengance starts out in Batman Begins. As a young boy, Bruce witnessed his parents getting killed by Joe Chill, and wanted to seek vengance against him. As he plots to kill Chill, Chill is killed by one of Carmine Falcone's, the Gotham mob boss, henchman. Bruce seeks to fight …show more content…

He joins up with Harvey Dent to fight the mafia. Their accountant Lau relocated the mafia's money to avoid it being seized in a bank raid. Batman decides to take his own actions and because Lau was working for the mafia, decides to capture Lau. Once again, instead of informing the FBI and letting them arrest Lau, decides to head out to China himself. “It will look like they've come to cancel negotiations between Lau's investment firm (which Bruce thinks is illegal based on their profits) and Wayne Enterprises.” (The Dark Knight Wiki) but instead, he breaks into his office building, fights his security, and captures Lau. Batman manages to drop Lau off in front of the police station, and this leads to other mob figures to ask the Joker for help. Batman encounters the Joker at a party where he wants to kill Harvey Dent, but is stopped by Batman. The next day, the Joker attempts to assassinate the mayor of Gotham and escapes. Batman, learning that Falcone worked with him, goes after Falcone himself without letting the police know in order to find the Joker. He manages to beat up his henchmen and instead of bring Falcone to the police station like he did with Lau, he drops him off a three story building where his legs get broken. “Falcone: From one professional to another, if you're trying to scare somebody, pick a better spot. From this height, the fall wouldn't kill me. Batman: I'm counting on

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