How Charities Should Be Donated

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Introduction Purpose This report will show and give advice to what charities should be donated to. The main goal of this report is to find a charity and find how efficient they are, their financial standing and anything else that that will show that the charity needs to be donated to. Other purposes for this research report is to find a charity that has more beneficial factors when you donate to them. In this report it will establish what organizations have most efficient outcomes what their financial standings or how deserving, the history behind the organization and how they are most deemed fit to donate to. In this report it will take a deeper look into three different charities and find which one has more beneficial outcomes when donated to. The charities that will be researched are Child Builders, The Parenting Center and Children’s charitable services. Charities Researched Child Builders Based on the website Child Builder the organization is focused as a non- profit organization that was created and established to prepare, protect and empower children in their most dire time of needs. The Child Builders organization is a charity that was created in 1974 in Houston, Texas (Child Builders, 2016). “We train individuals to deliver our solutions to children and youth of greater Houston that promote healthy decision making skills proven to prevent risky behaviors and abuse. We influence their awareness, beliefs and attitudes with measurable results” (Child Builders,
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