How Christianity Changed The World

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In 6-4 B.C. in a small city called Bethlehem, a mother gave birth to a small baby. Little had she known at the time, that she had just given birth to the most famous man on the face of the Earth. He was known as Jesus but some preferred to call him Messiah; Jesus changed the world, but so did a numerous number of other religious leaders. Jesus of Nazareth founded the most widespread and diverse religion in the world- Christianity. The religion of Christianity believes that Jesus of Nazareth prevailed as Christ, the Son of God; with many different denominations, Christianity has become the most popular religion in the world, but has now begun shrinking. A person could find Christianity almost anywhere in the world. A denomination could be defined as “a religious group, usually including many local churches, often larger than a sect” (“”). many different denominations of Christianity exist in the world. In fact, in 2012 around 43,000 denominations/sub denominations of Christianity could be found. With that said, the formation of a new sect happens about every 10.5 hours. This means the formation of about two new denominations are formed each day(Shaffer)!
Christians, or believers of Christ, study “The Holy Bible”. Made up of two main parts, the Bible has sixty-six books total. The Old Testament, has thirty-nine books and takes place from the Creation to just before the birth of Jesus.
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In fact the Baptist sect is the largest branch of North American Protestantism (Amily). This Church has many sub denominations within their main denomination (“35”). The Baptist Church believes in salvation by God’s grace alone. They also practice the Lord’s Supper; most churches do so weekly. Baptists focus largely on baptizing professing Christians (Wagner). Baptists believe that the bible is the most important equipment God has provided them with
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