How Computer Have Changed Our Lives

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"Information Technology Majors in High Demand Overseas: How Computer Technology Have Changed Our Lives?"


The 21st century is the age of computer technology and it has brought about a fundamental change in every facet of our life. It has largely influenced the way we communicate and the way information exchange is facilitated in today's world. An emergent phenomenon that is a byproduct of advances in computer networking technology is the Internet. It has truly transformed the world into a global village, with every part of the world linked to its vast network. This happened out of the evolution of the field of information technology (IT), which harnesses the power provided by computer technology so, why is it Information
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With the help of information technology and our increasing dependency on machines, our life has become far easier, but we are more vulnerable now than before.

Information Technology (IT) is a wide and varied sector, and is represented in some form in almost all the industries. It is a blend of computers and communication technology where IT professionals perform variety of duties, ranging from development and installation of applications to designing complex computer networks and databases. The information technology industry consists of computers, communication mediums, peripherals, electronics-related organizations, softwares and services. Usage of information technology for the completion of tasks in any organization, speeds up the processing and information mobility, and also improves the reliability and integrity of information.

Information technology, while stirring thoughts and visions of networks, the Internet, server rooms, racks of switches and routers, and advanced terms including VoIP, TCP/IP addressing, security and more, the 'technology' doesn't necessarily refer only to computer related issues. Any medium or channel that stores and processes information enters the category of information technology. The brain is an information processor, working to process and manage information that controls our every movement, body functions, and habits. Whichever
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