How Culture Has A Great Impact On The Behavior That Is Assumed By Individuals

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The reality for most corporations is that they cannot assume the challenges that are brought about by the increased level of globalization. Repatriates have increased the level of cross-cultural diversity among employees in organizations (Black & Gregersen, 2000). The diversity has also been increased among suppliers, customers, creditors, and competitors. Employers are therefore required to put in place different mechanisms that can make it possible for the retention of repatriates. There is need to note that culture has a great impact on the behavior that is assumed by individuals. The paper sets out to discuss the various methods that can be used by employers as the most appropriate means through which they can effectively manage repatriates.
Organizations might be having increasing economies of scale, and they thus operate in different countries due to the growth that they go through. Employees are therefore sent to the respective countries in efforts to meet the objectives and goals, and such employees are the ones who are referred to as repatriates. One of the requirements is that such employees are supposed to be trained about the respective job requirements of the respective locations that they are supposed to work. The organization is also supposed to put in place plans for the effective traveling and accommodation of the individuals. One of the fundamental efforts that can be carried by an organization is through making it possible for the individual to understand…
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