How Diabetes Does Not Cause Depression

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As someone who is diabetic and has experienced depression, I want to know if there is a correlation between the two. Diabetes does not cause depression; although, I do believe there is a correlation between them. Diabetes can be a very tiring diseases. It can wear you out every day. Diabetes is something you can not walk away from -- it is there every day of your life. Same goes for depression. No matter what you do, it is always around. I believe that these two things go hand in hand. Being diabetes does not cause depression, but it adds to the stressful events in life and can make depression work.
I have been diabetic since I was a toddler; I have been depressed since middle school. In my life I know nothing but the diabetic life: blood sugar test, giving myself shots, going to the doctors, writing everything down, etc. Being diabetic is a full time job; a job you don’t get paid for. Being depressed is something that follows you around -- just like diabetes. There are points in a diabetics life where we don’t want to do it anymore. Having depressing along with this only makes it harder.
Being diabetic can cause a lot of stress. “...With the stress caused by the presence of a chronic disease. Therefore, compatibility is difficult for adolescents and may expose them to many risks such as depression, anxiety and other psychological states” (Adal). It is already a hard time for children and teenagers, adding diabetes to that will just make it worse. “In a long-term

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