How Did Art Change Throughout The Renaissance Period?

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Art has evolved throughout the years, new techniques are learned, mediums are being improved, and the concept of art are changing, but what remains constant is that each art piece tells a story. There have been different art eras in which countless artists rose to fame due to their extreme talent with a paint brush. Two of those artist were part of the Renaissance and Realism era. Throughout the Renaissance era(1300-1600), Michelangelo Buonarroti, became known to be one of the best painters in the world. He painted countless religious paintings, one of his masterpiece was the Sistine Chapel which was painted on the ceiling in the Vatican in Italy. During the realism era(18th century), William-Adolphe Bouguereau rose to fame due to his realistic paintings and the message he portrayed in his paintings. A well known art piece of his was The First Mourning created in 1888. Although these two paintings have the same subject, it is clear that the Sistine Chapel is a much better painting than the First Mourning due to how different and revolutionary Michelangelo’s figures seemed. He was first and foremost a sculptor, line and drawing…show more content…
During this period of time, there were noteworthy advancements happening inside various works of art. The artist generally mirrored the way of life, social conditions, culture and political structure of the general public. They went past the limits of classical art and made art pieces with flighty thoughts and portrayed the political and social states of their social orders (Earls, 1987). A famous and extremely talented artist was the Italian sculptor, painter and poet,, Michelangelo Buonarroti. He brought change into the works of art, and created a number of incredible art work that genuinely speak to Renaissance art by delineating certain cultural, social and political
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