How Did Germany Was Indebted To The World War?

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Germany was left indebted to the United States for the relief it received. Guinnane noted that prior to entering the war, governments guaranteed their citizens that allied parties will pay for the costs accumulated during the war (9). The assurance left Germany indebted to France and Italy given that they entered the war in alliance to the nation. Guinnane reported that end of World War II marked the end of the Nazi regime and reparations from Germany to the Jewish group for the cruelty inflicted by the movement (5). The Jewish group was regarded as a nation by the United States. Germany paid an amount of $ 500 million to German-Jews to appease the damage they endured. King stated that after the war, the Soviet Union showed preference to…show more content…
It was a diplomatic war expressive of conflicting ideological views and political mistrust. The separation of the post war allies meant that new alliances had to be formed with parties of interest. Aden stated that tension grew between the previously Allied powers when Soviet Union tried to spread Communism broader to Europe and Asia (62). Not only did the Communist movement undermine democracy but it was dedicated at spreading hate propaganda against the United States. According to Aden the Soviet hate propaganda allowed China and North Korea to declare a biological warfare against the U.S (62). The CIA was launched to counter the Soviet propaganda. Aden noted that the United States developed the Campaign of Truth and adapted a new form of new reporting shifting from “objective-sounding news and information to hard-hitting propaganda” (63). The use of cartoons was prominent depicting communist as bloodthirsty beings and the news sensationalized the American side. There were great attempts from both parties to covert propaganda. According to O’Brien the United States had the CIA while the Soviet Union relied on KGB (Komitet Gosudartrennoi Bezopasnoti) to advice on intelligence against the opposition (431). Aden stated that the CIA achieved discrediting the Soviets in Italy by distributing flyers promoting American Economic aid (66). These pamphlets worked in their favor and it was in the 1950s that the need for greater alliance grew.
The spread of
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