How Did Pierre De Femart Contribute To Math

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Math; a subject most people have hate towards doing but is essential in everything action we participate in. While thinking about math most people define it with numbers or theorems but don't say exactly who or what contributed to making the subject possible. Numerous figures can be named, for example Einstein or Pythagoras, but hundreds of other men and women, on top of the most famous few, have used their love for mathematics to create a new “invention” in the mathematical world. Pierre de Fermat, a frenchman in the late 1600’s used his hobby of math to create theorems and equations that would be expanded in the later years to become known as the equations that are familiar to us today. Pierre contributed to the study of calculus by creating the equation X2 + Y2 = Z2.
Pierre de Fermat, a french lawyer born in Beaumont- de- Lomagne, France on August 17, 1602 is a person known for his new ideas in the area of calculus. Born into a wealthy family consisting of a father heavily invested in the agriculture business, Fermat received a very good education, and soon became a wealthy attorney in the city of Bordeaux. After marrying …show more content…

Starting at the age of 19, Format began to explore his passion for math and along the way met many who would influence his achievements later in his life. Theorems of his include the probability theorem, created with mathematician and inventor Blaise Pascal, and his most famous invention which he called his “last theorem.” After ending his work in the 1660’s, other mathematicians used his inventions and expanded his ideas to create a complete and finished equation that is now used in calculus today for graphs and problem solving. Pierre made an invention what made a huge impact on society and calculus would not be made easy without the help of the french mathematician, Pierre de

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