How Did The Technology That Developed Between 1750-1900 Improved The Standard Of Living And Work Conditions Of The People

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Jonathan Schnurr 4/17/15 AP World History Period.6 Period 5 Industrialization and Global Integration, c.1750 to c.1900 How did the technology that was developed between 1750-1900 improve the standard of living and work conditions of the people living during that period and how did it advance the business and political arenas. Typewriter (1714) The Typewriter was invented in 1714 by a team of three men: Christopher Latham Sholes, Carlos Glidden, and Samuel Soule. The typewriter was used up till the late 20th century as the best way to write a document in a professional manner. It increased the efficiency of writing. This made communicating ideas through print easier, saving businesses money and making workers lives easier. Spinning Jenny (1764) The spinning Jenny was invented in 1764 by English inventor James Hargreaves. The spinning Jenny was used to convert wool into yarn. Prior to his invention the yarn producers could not keep up with the high demand due to the difficult nature of converting wool to yarn, until the invention of the spinning Jenny which made the process cheaper and much more efficient. It was also very simple to use so a relatively undereducated farmer could easily learn how to use the device to make yarn for the farm1. The excess of yarn and string that came about thanks to the spinning Jenny lead to a higher number of highly efficient looms which decreased the cost of fabric which was a critical need for clothing the
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