How Does Autism Affect Children

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The child has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder with Apraxia since he was still a child.

It can be seen that the child still has difficulty speaking despite his on-going therapies. The child’s mother has been very accepting despite the fact that her child has this disorder. She sent the child to be diagnosed when she felt that her son was showing the signs of the disorder. Autism is a very complex developmental disability that affects one's ability to communicate with other people. Usually, children who have autism play alone. They have fixations and particular sensory stimulation. Children with ASD struggle socially, having trouble understanding social norms. Although he is not like a "normal" kid, it doesn't mean that he is weird or that he is sucking the life out of everyone he knows. He has ways to cope and …show more content…

The key to understanding autism is to understand that it does not affect people the exact same way. Some may think it’s the end of the world. Some just accepts it and deals with it. It’s important for the child to feel loved and to be understood, even if it is very difficult to do. Having a child with autism can bring pressure to families, especially the mother. It’s important to always know that family must always stick together, no matter what. Give these children the love, understanding and support that they need. It's not easy to hear the news that your child has autism. It will be difficult realize that your life will be utterly different than you had expected it to be. It will have a lot of challenges. However, acknowledging the emotional impact of the condition and taking care of yourself will help prepare you to fight these challenges ahead and win against them. Autism is a pervasive, multi-faceted disorder. It

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