How Does Exercise Improve Brain Health And Function?

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Brain is a very powerful body organ that requires a lot of care; this is because what a person eats affects the mood, brain, weight and heart. Studies show that certain food has specific nutrients and vitamins that help to improve brain memory and power. A person can reduce risk of Alzheimer’s and further brain decline in later years by improving his brain health and function following these key changes: Do exercise to improve Brain Focus-Studies show that brain focus can deteriorate as a result of bad habits, general health and distractions. On the other hand, simple exercise and strategies can overcome these impediments. Many games on the internet can improve brain health and function as follows: A person can focus on sensory channel …show more content…

Put Hand into work-Research shows that putting non-dominant opposing hands into daily tasks improves brain health and function. Task that requires using fingers like building models, finger string games, painting, sewing, crafts; and many more that involves movements of finger boost brain health and memory. Feed the Brain with Oxygen-Brain oxygen is better improved during exercise or without exercise. An individual can increase oxygen in the brain without doing exercise by taking deep breath that fills the abdomen; this stimulates brain to work well by increasing blood flow and oxygen. Allow Brain to function-A brain cannot function properly under the influence of drugs and alcohol. A tired brain doesn’t have enough capacity to work well. This requires getting good night sleep as an adult. 1.Avoid Fractionalization-This is a state where thoughts is continually interrupted, resulting to brain anticipating another interruption, thus corrupting the brain from sticking to the original subject moments after moments of interruption. This forces brain to break into periods of short thinking. A person can choose to read a book or watch a movie instead of commercial television and answering phone calls, which have tendency to fractionalize and interrupt storyline.

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