How Does Heathcliff View Linton

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Heathcliff views Linton as property because he is his son. He feels he can take Linton to his home because he belongs to him just like a piece of land or an animal. Heathcliff wants him to live with him because he wants to have everything to himself. Heathcliff would rather look at someone he hates than let someone else have him, like the way Edgar was caring for Linton.

He couldn't have Catherine so he takes Linton to his home almost like a revenge to take things away from Edgar because Edgar had Heathcliff's true love, Catherine. Heathcliff really didn't want Linton, he took him to just have him and to hurt Edgar.

Linton doesn't really have a choice about living with his father, he has to go live with him or he could run away. If he
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