How Does Positive And Negative Emotions Affect Our Way Of Life?

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Emotions and Moods

It is believed that emotions are contagious and this would affect how other people feel also. We all know that every day when we walk into the office we don’t intend to spread bad mood around the office but circumstances happens and this leads us to get upset either way it’s not predicted. Emotions are intense feelings that are directed at someone or something. Moods are feelings that tend to be less intense that emotions and that often lack a contextual stimulus (Robbins &Judge, 2009). Leadership literature is full of studies attesting to consequences of a leader 's mood. One such study involved CEO’s and their top management teams and it showed that the more upbeat, energetic and enthusiastic the executive team was, the more co-operatively they worked together, and the better the company 's business results. The study also showed that an executive team that didn’t get along well managed the longer a company, the poorer the company 's market return.

How does positive and negative emotions affect our way of life?

Everyone has a different leadership style but when you have a positive outlook on things this will trigger employees to have a different outlook on the organization. As a leader in the military moving up in the ranks I use to hear my first sergeant say “ you have to fake it till you make it”. I never understood this until I became a leader myself. It means that regardless of how bad your day is, or how tired you are you have to

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