How Does The Change Affect The Environment Of The Drivers That Make It Necessary?

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Firstly, it is most important to be able to express the change in a clear simple statement that can

be expressed within a minute (60 seconds) Doing this will allow staff to have a core understanding of

what is changing. It is important for this statement to be specific straight to the point and express with

language free of jargon.

Bridges offers the following guidance - the statement must:

- Clearly express the change leader's understanding and intention

- Link the change to the drivers that make it necessary

- "Sell the problem before you try to sell the solution."

- Not use jargon

- Be under 60 seconds in duration

Secondly, it is important to explain what will be different because of the change. Assess what

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So frequently it is assumed by senior

management that people can and will accept an organisational change with no backlash or issues, the

failure to recognise and attempt to address this is a significant cause of change or transition failure. The

larger the human impact of the organisational change the greater the need for some form of

"transitional support".

BADM 466 – Managing Change: Assignment #1 – Part A Samantha Winter January 22 nd 2017

As a change leader, it is important to understand why your people will not necessarily embrace

change. This is where you come in, it will be your job to assist with the transition, my job today will be to

prepare you with the tools needed to go through the phases efficiently and effectively.

Challenges with the change

Organizational culture differences

Different patterns of loyalty

Procedural differences

Changing the us vs. them mentality

Phase 1 – Letting go of the past

When encouraging staff members to let go of the past it is important to identify who is losing

what. "Transition readiness is best indicated by an organisations legacy of change initiatives” (Bridges,

2009) this transition readiness provides an important indicator of what is to come, here you can assess

how changes have been dealt with in the past and what the challenges were. In the case of the of

culture differences it will be important to acknowledge that the culture will change

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