How Email Can Help Build Customer Relationships

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Lifecycle emails are effective for engaging customers and creating a personalized experience. These specific emails can help build customer relationships that lead to higher open and transaction rates. Plus, they tend to give your business opportunities for email personalization based on products purchased or other store interactions. “Email offers a unique ability to contact your customers at given moments with personalized messages. When done correctly, personalized email messages combine all kinds of data to deliver mails which are extremely relevant and useful to the customer,” says Robert Allen, the blog editor for Smart Insights. Use lifecycle emails to your advantage. Here are five different types to get you started. 1. Welcome …show more content…

They serve multiple purposes for your marketing team. A simple notification can save lost sales. Use them as a reminder to notify consumers of products left in their online carts. Or gain valuable insight about your customer’s reservation. Your team might ask consumers how they felt about their online experience. This feedback is crucial to improving your sales process. “Lay out return information or exchange policies to let them know they’re secure. Finally, be sure to include your phone number and email so they can contact you with any questions before and after the purchase,” states Greg Wise, principal eCommerce inbound marketing expert at HubSpot. Will these emails annoy your customers? Probably not. More than half of people do find shopping cart abandonment emails helpful. They are most popular amongst women aged 55 to 64, with 62% of that group embracing these types of emails. 3. Discount Emails Want to reward your customers? Sending emails notifying consumers of discounts helps generate more revenue for your business. Discount emails are usually sent to consumers who need a little nudge to complete the transaction. However, avoid offering discounts to products that don’t interest the buyer. Segment your subscriber list to personalize your offerings, and use product categories that the customer has purchased or shown previous interest. Several types of discount offers exist. So, experiment with percentage based discounts, dollar value

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