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4DEP Assessment 1.1 - Explain the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to be effective in an identified HR role. The CIPD professional map determines what HR professionals should know and understand to make a difference to their organisation. The map can be used in its form or in part or be incorporated into organisation’s existing competency structure. The map highlights ten professional areas with the centre of the map focusing on the two core areas which sit at the heart of the HR function and can be applied to all HR professionals regardless of role, location or stage of career. These are: 1. Insights, Strategy and Solutions: o This area deals with the professionals understanding and insight into an organisation,…show more content…
It may not be easy for the employee to make a record of what is being said and might forgot or mis-interpret you. Email You can send the same message to a number of people quickly, efficiently and can be sent anytime of the day or night and employees can pick up emails from wherever they are. You can request proof of delivery and proof of receipt if the email has been opened. Email message may go into the junk/spam folder and recipient may not see it. Not everyone checks their emails regularly so there may be a delay in responding or acknowledging email. Face to Face Meeting You get to see people, hear them and judge their body language to see if they have understood what is being said. Ideas, knowledge and queries can be communicated between all at the meeting quickly and responses gathered. Arranging meetings can be very difficult as people have to travel and can be time consuming. Not everyone is available due to working unsociable hours. 2.3 - Describe how to build and maintain effective service delivery. I have most of my work diarised on outlook ensuring that I am meeting objectives, deadlines and service level agreements. I set myself time limits of when to complete tasks by to ensure prompt and effective delivery of service. At the start of my shift I usually got through my emails and try to action things as soon as they

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