How Employee Engagement Can Single Handedly Make Or Break An Organization

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Introduction In studying Human Resource Management, we study the foundations and principles by which an organization operates and conducts business. We also study the internal behavior of the organization. This includes studying the chain of command and the relationship between how employers treat their employees according to the organization’s moral values and what is expected of them by society’s ethical standards and by the regulations that the federal government imposes upon them. Although we touch upon the basics of HRM, we fail to dissect a topic that many believe to be one of the most integral components in managing a successful organization; this subject being employee engagement. Employee engagement can single handedly make or break an organization and hinder its relationship with its customers, but before understanding the cause and effects of employee engagement, one must first understand what employee engagement is, what it means to the employer, and what it means to the employees. What is employee engagement? Employee engagement is the relationship between an organization and its employees. It is the means of creating a work environment that empowers employees to make decisions that affect their contribution to the overall objective of an organization. Effective employee engagement causes members of an organization to give their best each day, become committed to the organizational values, and to stay motivated to contribute to the organization’s ultimate goal.

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