Employee Engagement Is Made Up Of Two Words, Employee And Engagement

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Employee Engagement
Employee Engagement is made up of two words, Employee and engagement. In simple words, it can be defined as an engagement or commitment of an employee towards its organization. It is not entirely clear when the term “engagement” was first used in relation to work, but generally the Gallup Organization is credited for coining the term somewhere in the 1990s( Schaufeli, 2013 p.2).
An engaged employee can be easily distinguished from disengaged one by simply asking a question. Ask an employee, what their company does? An engaged employee will say we provide software services while a disengaged employee will say, they/Company provides software services. It is evident from here that an engaged employee is involved completely to achieve the goals of company, hence will be more efficient and considers himself as a part of the success of company. Various researches have also shown that engaged employees are much more efficient than disengaged ones, which results in positives for an organisation.
An engaged employee feels involved in and excited about his work. Engaged employees produce at high levels individually, and contribute to improved business results. In fact, Gallup research shows employee engagement can be linked to increased productivity and profitability, along with benefits such as decreased turnover and absenteeism (Connolly, et al., 2013, p 48-52).An organisation with a higher number of engaged employees is likely to be more effective, efficient

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