How Healthy Are The Youth Of Today 's Population

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How healthy are the youth of today’s population? With the rise in childhood obesity, the lack of prenatal care for expecting mothers, and lack of coverage for many Americans there is a need to evaluate the health of our youth and the availability of services and education. The current youth are the future workforce of the nation. Lessening the risk of chronic illness, obesity, and stabilizing environmental conditions will allow the upcoming generation to help build a stronger economy. A stronger workforce, a healthier society with less medical cost strain, and a healthier environment are all gains to be had through improvements and health education. Community outreach programs, healthy lifestyles, and ensuring vaccine availability for all children are a few simple steps to developing healthy generation. Per Maya Rossin-Slater in her article Promoting Health in Early Childhood, “Children who are healthy early in life—from conception to age five—not only grow up to be healthier adults, they are also better educated, earn more, and contribute more to the economy”. It is no secret that the current healthcare system in the United States lags in comparison to other countries. America has the most expensive system and still the sickest population. We allocate trillions of dollars to the health care services and only a fraction to population wide services. Just as there is not an even distribution of funds in healthcare allocation, the same goes for childhood health. There are

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