How I Can Become An Ideal Project Manager

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Since I have no experience as a project manager, according what I have collected from above literatures and what I have perceived in my own point of view, I have the following ideas of how I can become an ideal project manager.

1. To be a leader

During the past years of working, I have always played the role of team member but never tried to lead a team to actually accomplish a project, so the most challenging trait for me to learn as a project manager is to be a leader.

I now know that a project leader should do a lot more than plan, organise, control, coordinate, monitor and closure. While such activities are all very important and must be correctly done, those functions are not enough for a good leader to accomplish. That is to say, …show more content…

3) Leadership means dealing with risks

During the process of a project, various kind of risk is inevitable because of uncertainties. There is always possibility for threats which may harm the success or completion of the project.

As a leader, it is best to eliminate the risk before it really cause any loss of the project, which requires prospective and forward thinking. They are always looking for better ways to take actions on potential risks. And when risk really happens, leaders should be able to take the procedure to minimize the adverse effect of a possible loss, which requires fresh information at any time. The leader should be competent to abstract useful information and find the most efficient ways to deal with risks.

4) Leadership means the ability to motivate those around you

To motivate people to realize their maximum potential, a good leader can is get all the team members to perform enthusiastically, confidently. As people around you are from different cultures, motivating implies listening, trusting, empowering, coaching, enable them to work discreetly and creatively.

2. Capable of continual and effective monitor

Control and monitor are an important part of every project manager’s job, in this part, the project manager should always think about how to keep the project on-track, on time and within budget.

To be honest, I am not a very persistent man, so keep

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