My Future Career : Project Management

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My Future Career in Project Management
Project management takes the form of many job positions and roles within a job force. Project management to some, means a person who manages a project. This is a very broad title. Project managers can manage a project that covers a new program release, an implementation of a new method, or the creation of a physical product for a customer. For me, project management is taking a task from start to finish, with the goals of the customer in mind. Three roles that I would be interested in accepting would be a Retail Construction Project manager, Construction Project Manager, or Project Manager for Space planning.
The role of a Retail Construction Project Manager is one that is very hectic, in a fast paced environment. The duties include being responsible for supporting a new store from construction through grand opening. This includes delivering the new store on schedule, under budget, all while maintaining the highest level of quality that can be delivered. This field is currently the field I work in at the present time. The experience I hold, as of now, has been learned in the field. This role is in high demand, as the amount of retail chain establishments is increasing rapidly. These locations will need renovations and up keep, so this leaves a high demand for this type of job. This role is found within the retail and construction industries. You can work for either a construction company who specializes in retail establishments or for
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