How I Changed My Life

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Every person who comes into your life, comes into your life for a reason. But some people come into your life and have no impact on it; and then there’s other people who come into your life and change it forever. That one person can change your life by doing something small like teaching you how to cook or they can do something even grander such as teaching you the real meaning of friendship. That one person who had a major impact on my life was my Aunt Sylvania.

She was more than an aunt to me, she was like one of my best friends. She was a very fun and loving person who could always pick you up when you’re feeling down. She was also a person who I knew I could talk to about any and everything. Whenever I was feeling sad, happy, or even nervous I knew that she would be there. I would even go as far as calling her my protector because whenever I’d be about to get in trouble she would step in and save me. So, when she died it was like the whole world crashed on top of my head.

My aunt had been battling throat cancer for a few months before she died. When I first found out that she had cancer, I was in denial. The day I found out I had just came home from spending the weekend by my friend’s house. When I walked into the living room, I could tell my mom was crying because she quickly tried to dry her eyes before I realized she was crying. But, it was too late I had already seen her crying. “What’s wrong with you?” I asked. “Come sit down, I got something to tell you,” she

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