How I Changed My Life

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I like to myself agnostic, even though I was brought up to be Jewish my whole life. I would like to start from the very beginning. My father was brought up reformed Jewish. My mother’s parents are Jewish even though she was not brought up Jewish. When my mother became older her religion became a lot more important to her, and by association it would be forced to be important to me. By the time I was four years old in pre school I was beginning to learn some Hebrew words. I attended a Jewish pre school. By the time I was five I was placed in a private Jewish day school that runs from kindergarten to the 5th grade. When I was a child we religiously went to temple every Friday night. My family was always reformed Jews. The private school I was in, a little less then half the day was spent learning Hebrew and praying. My school was a couple of hours longer then public schools, because of learning Hebrew. The very start of the day, we prayed for about 45 minutes or so. After we prayed we transitioned into secular learning. The last couple of hours of the day was spent learning Hebrew. I started learning Hebrew in the first grade I was only 6 years old. Once middle school began I went to public school, because in Maine there is no Jewish high school. Due to the lack of Hebrew in my life, my mom forced me into Sunday school, which I dreaded. I was forced to be bat mitzvah’d. I was later forced to be confirmed at the age of 16. When I say forced I mean forced. I was getting into

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