How I Felt As A Child

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Generally children think it would be wonderful to act how they choose to, and not have anyone to answer to about it, I realize that’s how I felt as a child. I remember making statements, “when I grow up I will eat and entire carton of ice cream for breakfast,” or saying, “one day, I’ll die and then you’ll be sorry.” Truth be told children need structure and rules to be able to become functioning members of society. There is no definitive equation showing that if you have this style of parenting, it will result in this sort of adult. This may just stand to illustrate how resilient children are, or show where we come from doesn’t define who we become.
First, let’s discuss the un-involved parent, this parent doesn’t demand much from the child and is not responsive to the child’s needs, thoughts, or feelings. They don’t set limits or enforce rules for the child. The reasons for the lack of rules could be that they are focused on fulfilling their own needs, or they may just neglect the child completely. A parent using this style may say, “You just wait till your father gets home,” if the child does something wrong, or they may completely ignore the behavior. This type of parent would rarely express approval, acceptance, or show affection toward the child. The child with this type of parent has a higher probability of having low self-esteem, being less intelligent, and they also have a higher chance of suffering from anxiety, mental health issues, and problems socializing.
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