How I Learned With My Writing

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Throughout the semester I learned and overcame many different things. Writing has never been a strength of mine, but as the semester went on I started to enjoy writing the papers assigned to us. I overcame my problem with procrastination and not giving myself enough time to plan out my papers. I also learned what content is important when it comes to certain types of papers and how important peer reviews really are. A weakness that I definitely have is procrastination. A lot of the time I would wait up until the last minute to try to do things, especially when it came to my first drafts. I was never too concerned with those, but I wish I would have been. I would always rush to get it done and I would forget important points that I wanted to talk about. When I realized how much better it was to not procrastinate, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. It was easier to organize my papers and make sure all points were being thoroughly discussed. When I didn’t do this, I would feel like my mind and the paper was all over the place. When I didn’t procrastinate, I wouldn’t worry as much about getting the paper done. I was overall happier with my paper when I was turning it in.
For the last couple of papers we wrote I would write out things to address as they popped in my head so I would not forget. It was easier this way because as I was writing I would not lose my train of thought so easily. For the first draft of each paper I would kind of rush myself along to

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