How I Like to Be Managed

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How I like to be Managed I prefer to be managed by someone who is confident in my ability to motivate my staff, set goals, and meet the expected requirements of a divisional credit department. I prefer to be managed by a superior who offers constructive criticism, suggestions for higher productivity, and staff efficiency. I prefer not to be micro-managed by a superior with delegation deficiencies. I believe if a superior feels compelled to micro-manage a department, either the department leader is not meeting or exceeding expectations, or the superior does not have the required skills to effectively delegate authority; and if that is the case, should not be in a position of higher management.
Best Boss Scenario Dr. Paul Hersey developed a leadership theory called situational leadership. Dr. Hersey’s theory suggests that there is not a single best style of leadership, that a successful leader will adapt the style best suited to influence, motivate, or educate the group or person they are leading. The theory also suggests that the style of leadership may change and develop along with the maturity of the group or person (Schermerhorn, 2013, p. 361-362). I understand this theory to mean, that if your group does not possess the maturity level in which a manager can consciously delegate authority, then possibly the participating and telling styles would be best suited to lead the group. As the group matures in their ability, the manager could tailor the management style
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