How Internet Has Changed Communication And Business Services

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Introduction The rapid growth of Web has completely changed communication and business services in such a way accuracy, speed, and availability of network-delivered content have become completely in danger. Internet is expanding every moment that creates a significant delay making the delivery of any content becomes extremely difficult. To deal with this problem, proxy servers, also called Web cache, has been deployed in the internet by providing shared cache location for multiple clients to treat the need for swift content transmission. Proxy servers practically minimizes delivery time such as requested object exists in a close cache where the cached version has not expired. There are three essential purposes of Web caching. First, the response time for a client request can be considerably decreased by a Web cache, specifically when the bottleneck bandwidth between the origin server and the client is much less than the bottleneck bandwidth between the cache and the client. For instance, if the requested object is available in the cache, and we have a high-speed connection between the client and the cache, then the object will be delivered immediately to the client. Second, traffic on an institution’s access link to the Internet can be considerably reduced by Web caches. This is significantly important because it will minimize the chance of upgrading bandwidth and reducing costs. Furthermore, Web caches can considerably decrease Web traffic in the Internet as a whole
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