Are Children Smarter Or More Socialized?

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Are Children Smarter or More Socialized Because of the Internet?
Growth of internet usage worldwide revolutionized access to knowledge and means of communication (Greydanus 452). Many children today are affected by their use of Internet which has both positive and negative implications. This paper argues that the outcome of Internet use by children depends greatly on how it is used and how Internet use is supervised and guided by agents of socialization such as parents, families, teachers, and other adults. There are many positive and negative outcomes of the use of Internet by children. Negative outcomes that can diminish children’s well-being and cognitive and socialization capacity include harmful social interactions such as cyber-bullying, negative emotional and physical consequences, ineffective personal time management, exposure to violent and obscene content, and exposure to commercial advertising and consumerism. Positive benefits include the use of Internet for school study, development of creativity, access to variety of useful information, and communication on educational matters with children in other countries. Children who are using Internet for educational purposes and communications that enhance their development are getting smarter and more socialized whereas children who use Internet pathologically and excessively for other purposes may get less smart and less socialized.
Internet as the Source of Socialization
The use of Internet
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