How Karl Mark Views Was Influenced By Views Of The Enlightenment

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In order to make a connection of how Karl Mark views, was in some way, influenced by certain views of the Enlightenment. But, first, we need to understand what characteristics we can compare of the two. The idea of Enlightenment was an intellectual movement that took place around the late 17th and 18th centuries. This movement had placed emphasis on progress, social structure, materialism, state and individualism. From class lectures and from the readings of the Communist Manifesto, we can derive the idea that Marx was against social class. With Marx understanding the dire need of reform within the social structure, he believed in a form of equality for all, stating that not one person would be higher than the other.
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It was the idea that you are literally taking the lower class of people, the people who are non-land owner, who have no wealth, and now could have a say in government affairs, in comparison to those who do have the wealth and are landowners. This idea is now providing the lower class people the power of decision-making, the power of influence. This idea of a democratic state was seen as perhaps, the most radical of all thoughts of a state.

If we can take Marx’s and Engel’s phrase of “dictatorship of the proletariat,” it can be interpreted as the state’s power is in the control of the working people, not the higher classes. This idea was directed towards having finally separated capitalism and communism. According to spunk, a website I’ve found, it states that it is “ the vehicle of abolishing the state” ( The necessity of having the phrase “dictatorship of the proletariat” was to create a progressive life for the workers, an equality way of living and ruling. On the same website it states that the need to create this proletariat-led state, was to “…suppress capitalist resistance, and develop the nationalized means of production as rapidly as possible in order to overcome relative scarcity and shorten the workday, this allowing all workers to participate in the affairs of society” ( 4.
The Marxist concept of “withering away of the state,” is in reference to the idea of known social institutions of the state that will

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