Leadership As Influencing A Person Or Group Of People

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Before taking this class, I would define leadership as influencing a person or group of people in a positive manor. There is more to defining leadership than just influencing people. Leadership is also the ability to step outside your comfort zone and set a good example for those who surround you. It is taking the initiative, and finding what you are passionate about to help change something.
Throughout this this semester we worked on becoming a better leader. What is means to be an effective leader and how to grow or posses the skills it takes. With learning what a leader is, we learned that every leader is different in their leadership. There were numerous assignments that we completed this semester, the ones that helped me find my leadership potential was, strength quest, conflict styles, and values. Before taking the strengths quest, I felt it would just tell me things that I already know about my self, but it did much more than that. After taking the quest I found out that my top strengths are: includer, consistency, harmony, woo, and communication. Once I got the result, I read through the meaning of each the words, and by doing this it made me realize that these are really my top strengths. I started to think of way I have used these strengths in the past, and it helped me realize how I affect others.
Another part of the coursework that helped me were the finding out different conflict styles and how I approach conflicts. Before doing this assignment, I
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