How Leadership And Management Skills Demonstrate Success? Essay

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How does different leadership and management skills demonstrate success? According to Business Dictionary, 2016, Management Theory is defined as “A collection of ideas which set forth general rules on how to manage a business or organization” and leadership is defined as “the activity of leading a group of people or an organization or the ability to do this”. Management theory addresses how managers and supervisors relate to their organizations in the “knowledge of its goals, the implementation of effective means to get goals accomplished and how to motivate employees to perform to the highest standard”. The leadership responsibilities function requires communicating, teaching and carrying out the organization vision, while also addressing front-line conflicts and issues. Managers and Leaders are expected to exhibit decision making skills. This paper will address the strength, weakness and recommendation of leadership and management skills.


There are two types of leadership styles and two types of leader behaviors; leaders who focus on employees completing a task and leaders who focus on employee’s emotions to complete a task. For example, leader task oriented may disconnect from the human and focus on the task at hand. However, a leader who is employee oriented will focus on training, demonstrating and ensuring that the employee is clear on the task at hand. Per the McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y research, it is stated that Theory Y

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