How Lean Manufacturing Helps Our Economy Essay

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Lean manufacturing plays a major role in our economy and yet it is almost unheard of outside manufacturing. It is important to know lean manufacturing relates to our individual lives and how we can all benefit from this concept. With current slow economic recovery, it is imperative that we find avenues that consumers can get through these difficult times, but also to implement the lessons-learned values into future thinking. The rising cost of goods and the unemployment rate high, lean manufacturing is helping to keep cost low and jobs in America where they belong.
When we think of process manufacturing or the assembly line many credit Henry Ford for this concept. The introduction of continuous process in the late 1890’s was to produce …show more content…

(Return on Investment) would be used to reinvest in product development and refining manufacturing processes.
Lean Manufacturing is actually a concept by way of the removal of all waste from any process associated with expense with the goal of a greater return by introducing additional products or processes that would be invested for a greater return on every dollar spent. For instance, how much more groceries can a family purchase if they could get paid for the right purchases made throughout the month, without sacrificing quality and usefulness.
The concept of Lean Manufacturing was not quickly adopted by the United States manufacturing companies because of the cost incurred by changing the old manufacturing processes; the perceived need did not outweigh the benefits. In the 1970’s and the1980’s manufacturing companies in the United States took a closer look when Japanese and Chinese companies were selling similar products as the United States like cars, trucks, electronics, and toy, but at lower cost to the U.S. consumers. Companies within the United States urgently sought out experts from Japan to understand this new method due to declining revenues and the realization they were being forced out of market share. They learned that the concept of Lean Manufacturing was to change the goals by exposing waste in all areas within the manufacturing process with an increased focus to satisfy

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