How Learning Can Be Defined As The Acquisition Of Knowledge

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Learning can be defined as the acquisition of knowledge or skills through experience, study, or being taught (XXXX). The things that we learn are also a result of our personal experiences, how we modify our memory as we continue to learn and the realization that what we learn is going to become permanent in our minds. While understanding that our personal experience is a way of learning, this could be imperfect by itself based on various concepts of learning. As we grow the learning process grows with us. As new things are learned, they will replace old learning, modify it or even expand what we have already learned. Learning as a specific term, is a topic close to the heart of psychology. As we develop in life since birth there is an increase of knowledge, through the process of acquiring information, by memorization, by facts, skills and methods. It relates to our daily life and it involves everything that we experience daily in our world.

Exploring the Learning Processes
One of the interesting areas of psychology is learning. From the womb to the last day that you live, the human body is at constant learning mode. As we grow the different stages of life will experience different ways of learning.
Within our research we’ll explore various areas pertaining to learning. Considering that learning is continuous process that the human being will go through in life. Part of that is what daily experiences enrich our learning. There are
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