How Malta Is An Island Of The Mediterranean Sea, South Of Sicily, Italy

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Malta is an island state, in the Mediterranean Sea, south of Sicily, Italy. It consists of Malta, Gozo and Comino. Malta being the largest island and most densely populated as provided by Costa et al (2014). Malta has a long history with strong traditions and culture, has been inhabited for the past seven thousand years. Malta offers a unique underground temple which is one of the nine UNESCO world Heritage Sites, blissful beaches, and outdoor adventures to captivating culture. Due to Malta`s attractiveness the destination offers a diversity of attractions that are appealing to tourists. There is a wide range of activity in Malta which tourists wants to engage, these attributes are considered useful for a destination Morrison (2013). That is why most business travel companies e.g. Clarity Travel Management deals with Malta as a destination because it is able to offer a variety of attractions connected with Malta`s history e.g. Megalithic temples and village religious feasts are well worth visiting My destination (2006). According to Mintel (2006) the majority of the 190,000 cultural tourists who visit Malta annually arrive in winter and spring – outside the main season. This means Malta is eager to further highlight the cultural and historic appeal of the island. Apart from attaining a more even spread of tourists seasonally, there are other advantages of raising cultural heritage tourism for Malta. It helps relieve pressure on congested resorts, the regeneration of some

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