How Much Does Your Neighborhood Define Who You Are

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How Much Does Your Neighborhood Define who You are? Nature vs nurture, this has been a psychological development argument for a long time. Nature is the extent to which one is affected by their genetic makeup. While nurture is extent to which one's environment influences who they are. Now the neighborhood one lives in falls into to the nurture category. The friends one chooses to spend time around, one's social class, and what one makes of their time living there, are all areas that the neighborhood one is a resident of affects who they are. In a neighborhood no one gets to choose their neighbors. There are a wide variety of influences one will run into. There will always be the neighborhood troublemakers that have no respect for others property. However, there are also the polar opposites who are polite and might even help the their elderly neighbors with projects they might not be able to accomplish on their own. So, one can become the kid everyone despises by hanging out with the troublemakers, or…show more content…
They can go around and mow neighbors lawns and even shovel sidewalks during the winter. Taking time to help those in need is helpful to them and it is also beneficial to you. Working in your neighborhood allows one to earn money, and also helps one realize the value of hard work. Taking advantage of neighborhood opportunities mature and grow. The neighborhood of residence gives choices in friends, defines social class, and provides opportunity to make the best of one's younger years. One of the biggest influences are the friends that one chooses to spend there time with, because you are who you spend most of your time with. Others will develop their opinion of someone based on the neighborhood they live in. Also, one can get real life experience by venturing out into their neighborhood and taking advantage of what it has to offer. Therefore, the neighborhood one lives in says a lot about who they
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