How Much Of A Difference Can 24 Hours Make?

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How Much of a Difference Can 24 Hours Make?

My lab was based on one very important question, how can the weight of potatoes change if

they are submerged in two saline solutions (1.0M and 0.5M) for twenty-four hours. The experiment requires six pieces of potatoes, cut into two inch rectangular pieces. It also requires an electric scale to measure the weight of the potatoes. The last thing required is two solutions that are in beakers, one must have a 1.0M saline solution, and the other must have a 0.5M saline solution. While doing the research for this project, I produced my hypothesis, I believed that if the three potatoes in the 1.0M solution were submerged all night, then they would loose more weight due to the overwhelming amount of salt in the saline solution. The water from the potato would exit, causing a notable amount of weight loss. This was my hypothesis because of the amount of water that would leave the potato when osmosis was taking place. For my hypothesis along with the experiment, I found a few websites to be crucial to my understanding of osmosis/diffusion and the process that would be taking place to the potatoes. An article that benefitted me was an article called ‘’Osmosis in Potatoes’’ by Claude E. Phillips Herbarium, this source gave important information to better my background information going into the experiment. I learned that the water in the potato moved outwards due to the high amount of salt in
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