How Music Affects The Way We Communicate

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Music, along with Communication, is something that can be studied in various different ways. They are similar concepts in that people use music to communicate with their peers, elders, and anyone willing to listen. Researching how music effects the way we communicate is an interesting phenomenon. It can be researched through the use of qualitative and quantitative research. Both are an effective means of research and provide numerous different methods to gain knowledge and information regarding the topic. Methodology The use of qualitative research will be most effective when studying how people use music to communicate. This gives the researcher various different viewpoints throughout the process instead of the concept that there is…show more content…
this is why a diverse group of people will provide the best data. This is because they are all effected differently and have different experiences through the music they listen to. There are different ways to go about gathering participants for a focus group. To ensure the researcher to have a wider range of music and beliefs and behaviors through that music, it is imperative that the participants are gathered through simple random sampling. This gives everyone considered for a focus group or any form of research an equal chance of being chosen for the focus group. This will also make it more likely to have a more diverse group of participants. Conducting a study using humans as participants raises a variety of ethical concerns. This is why it is necessary to inform the participants of the purpose of the interview or focus group and what it plans to accomplish. Also, the privacy of each participant must be respected when publishing or distributing all research findings. If these requirements are not met, the study being conducted will in turn become unethical. Data Gathering and Analysis During a focus group, there are different ways in which the research can be conducted. For example, the most standard way of conducting a focus group is through interview questions. During a study about communication through music, the researcher could ask questions such as what genres to the participants listen to? And how does their choice of music
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