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Article 1 How to transfer music from android to iphone 6
It is really great to use and iPhone. Many people today enjoy using various iPhone devices. Have you been using and Android phone and now want to switch to your new iPhone 6? Yes, you have your new iPhone but you could be wondering how you can transfer you wonderful music from your Android to your iPhone. Well, actually that should not get you any worries. Transferring files from an Android to an iPhone is an easy task that takes just few minutes to get everything done! Read through this article and find yourself the best way you can transfer you music from android to iPhone. We have given guides on the various ways you can use to effectively transfer you music from android to iPhone. Check out and find one that suits you.

How To Transfer Music From Android To iPhone 6 Using iTunes
You can easily move your music files from your android to your new iPhone using iTunes.
It is a very simple task as is in the following steps:

Step 1: Move your music files from your Android to your computer.
Use a USB cable to connect your android device and transfer your music files from your Android to your PC or Mac.
Step 2: On your mounted Android device, get to the folder with your music files and copy them so you can paste them on your computer. You can choose to drag and drop them on your PC/Mac music folder.

Step 3: Ensure your iPhone is connected before Opening iTunes then get to library and hit on Music.

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