How Process Has Worked So Well For Me Essay

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Introduction Writing is something that all people have to do some people always use the same methods and others use a different method each time. For me, I use the same method each time, and throughout this paper I will be explaining my process and why that process has worked so well for me. I never knew what my process was fully until I started to write this paper and that is when I started to realize all of the steps that I took when it came to writing a paper.
Before starting to write this paper or any paper for that matter. I started to think about what I do before I start writing a paper and how I continue to write that paper. I used the chart that was given to us in class to help map my ideas better, this is what I came up with. The general steps I take are listening to the instructions given, setting up the format for my paper, taking a few days to think (unconsciously) about what my paper should include, opening up my laptop and taking a few hours to just type my heart out, I leave my paper for a day or so and I come back and write the new ideas that I have floating down, I then start to revise. These steps do repeat themselves during certain times in my process. Normally I do not use a sheet to write down my thoughts and steps they just happen but for this paper I took a different approach. The steps I take are always the same and the reasons why I explore down below.
Findings and Discussion Before starting a paper of course I have to learn about

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