How Short and Long Term Memory Work Essay

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Short and Long Term Memory Your brain collects and forgets thousands, if not millions of memories every day. Every time you see, hear, feel, taste, and smell something, it comes into your mind and becomes a memory. A mental note is literally taken and shipped to your “short-term memory” file in your brain. Whether or not it gets pushed to “long-term memory” depends on how often you pull the sense from your brain, because if it is used often, your brain will automatically instruct itself not to destroy it. If you resurface those memories often enough, they will not be erased. Memory, whether short or long term, is able to be reinforced, altered, deleted, or resurfaced.
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It can be accessed and used at any point in time when still available and fresh in your mind. There are limitations to it, of course. George Miller, PhD, tested and figured that people can generally not remember something over seven digits long (while it is in short-term memory). These remembrances can be sent long-term after increased repetition and recall. The average short term memory IQ is 49, which is somewhat low. Some people say that long-term memory is more beneficial than short-term, which is not necessarily true. This kind of memory is not preserved for extended periods of time, but also profitable. The best way to recall items in your short term memory is to chunk it up into words or numbers- for example, try to remember the letters i g d b f d n o n u c a. This is difficult for everyone. Now, chunk it up into words: c o u n f b a d d i n g. It helps, and is easier to remember! Short- term memory is a useful tool with many benefits.
What Does Your Long-Term Memory Do? Memories are exported to “long-term” when they are reinforced. Long-term memory is a system in your brain that permanently stores senses for later use. Unlike short-term memory, these memories cannot be retrieved quickly and may take a few seconds or longer to retrieve. There is a debate constantly on whether or not you can “forget” something in your long-term memory. Most say that long-term memory only decays-not forgotten, just harder to

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