How Similar Were the Dictatorships of Primo de Rivera and Franco?

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The Dictatorships of Miguel Primo de Rivera and Francisco Franco had many similarities as well as many differences. The way they intended to lead Spain shows how they would employ similar strategies as well as different ones. I will discuss their intentions of how they thought was the best way to fix a broken Spain, the way they treated the working class, their tactic to improve economy, fascism, the use of military in their regime and the roles of women in their society. Firstly, it was argued by authors such as Raymond Carr and Francisco J. Romero Salvadó that Primo only intended to rule Spain for a short amount of time in order to find quick solutions to deal with Spain’s illnesses such as social disorder, economic recession and the…show more content…
As a result, it is fair to say that the two regimes were not too similar in regards to the way they treated the working class and how they kept social peace but similar in terms of how they managed to increase the working man’s wage. Furthermore, the method of improving the economy amongst the two dictatorships has many similarities and differences. In both Primo’s and Franco’s regime an autarky was introduced. In Primo’s regime the successfulness of autarky counted on the growth of agriculture as that was the main source to finance industrial growth. (Carr Raymond, pg 102). As well as Primo, Franco introduced an autarky due to the fact that the Spanish Civil War had caused a huge economic recession. However, in contrast to Primo, Franco presented his autarky as a permanent ideal. Franco saw in a short amount of time that a revival of the industry was required. However, change was needed as the industrial growth in the 1940s could not continue within an autarky (Carr Raymond, pg 156). A concept similar amongst both dictatorships is that they both widened the financial gap between provinces. For example in Primo’s regime poor provinces came off badly. For example, in highly industrialized Vizcaya, there was a sharp increase in average wage whilst in Jaén there was a dramatic drop

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