How Social Media Strategy Is An Essential Component Of A Broader Marketing Plan Essay

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How to Create Your Social Media Strategy
By MJ Adams | Submitted On January 24, 2012

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Expert Author MJ Adams
A Social Media Strategy is an essential component of a broader marketing plan for any business in today 's world. We accept that Social Media is a powerful medium to connect with prospects and customers but because Social Media is so new, we 're just not sure how to effectively market our business using Social Media.

If you were applying for a business loan the first thing your bank manager would ask is, Do you have a business plan?

If you 're venturing into Social Media for your business the first thing you need to ask yourself is, What 's my Social Media Strategy?

Having one or more Social Marketing Strategies in place before you enter the big wide world of Social Media will help you gain clarity and direction for your business.

Do you think the World 's top athletes begin a race without a strategy? No way, anyone serious about achieving results in any field knows they need to have one or more effective strategies in place PRIOR to beginning their venture, event etc.

While marketing principles remain the same, the manner in which those
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