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In an earlier blog, I briefly discussed with you the importance of selecting the right social media platform for your business goals. Getting started on the right foot with your social media marketing is essential to the growth and scalability of your business. Selecting the right social media platform is only the beginning of your social media strategy. The next step is to develop the right content to share. The goal of your social media content is to grow an audience of potential customers and give them a chance to engage with your business.

Since you will be developing all this content, you are going to have to get organized, so you don’t become a hot mess. It’s important for you to get organized because this will prevent you from …show more content…

It is best to have all your content in place.

There are many free online resources that offer free content calendars. A great resource is Hubspot. They offer free social media calendars if you don’t want to create your own. If you create your own use a spreadsheet with these must-have categories: image, written content, links, social channel platform, and posting schedule: date and time.

By having a social media calendar, it gives you an overview of the social media strategy. The calendar will let you know what content needs to be published, the upcoming content, and the publishing schedule. It will help you have a consistent posting schedule. This will prevent scrambling to get content together and figuring out what to post next.
3) Plan a Social Media Scheduling Day
Social media marketing can easily consume your entire day if you allow it to. However, if you create a social media calendar, you’ll be able to schedule it all in no time and have plenty of time for other tasks.
I would recommend for you to set aside a day or a time block during the week for you to work on scheduling your social media posts. Stick to this plan no matter what. It sounds like a simple task to complete, but many small business owners often lose sight of their social media efforts. Then their social media campaigns begin to suffer because they aren’t thought out and planned. Scheduling your social media ahead of time will allow you the

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