How Technological Advancements Have Influenced Forensic Investigators

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Introduction Technologies are advancing in today's world where more information is being generated, stored and distributed through digital gadgets. This requires investigators and forensic expert to increase the use of digital evidence gathering as a tool to fight against cyber-crime (International competition network, n.d.). There are several process and challenges found during examining process. In process there is a model called “process model” which is a step to prepare, collect, examine, analysis and report the evidences. • Preparation: During an investigation the needed task is to prepare equipment and tools. • Collection: Electronic evidence to be searched for and collected. o Secure and Evaluate the Scene: To identify potential …show more content…

Moreover higher official instruct first responder to leave the discovered mobile device to be powered on at the crime scene. However forensics equipment such as Faraday bag are reliable but cannot be fully guaranteed the signal will not reach the phone, in order to block the phone from receiving data. Lastly, criminal investigation can be preceded by suppression hearing where the judge look at the evidence and determines if an unreasonable search violated a defendant’s constitutional right In this case, the forensic investigator has to follow the laws that deal with evidences. In overall, obtaining legal evidence from a mobile device is vital. David W (Bennett , August 20, 2011). Even though, electronic evidence poses special challenges, following proper forensic procedures as listed above will meet these challenges (Technical Working Group, july 2001). There are eight sections in this paper, first section is the introduction about digital evidence examination process and its challenges, second section is about describing digital evidence, third section is explanation about principles of cyber forensics, fourth section is about examination process, section 5 will discuss about Process model for Inculpatory and Exculpatory cases. Sixth section will discuss about crime reconstruction hypotheses. Seventh section discuss about alternative hypotheses and their importance, and finally, Last section concludes the paper. Digital evidence

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