How Technology Affects Modern Education Essay

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There is a remarkable increase for the users of Internet in the worldwide and meanwhile, nearly all ages of students are required to find and share information online. It is reported that, according to the CNNIC, China’s Internet users have risen up to 688,000,000. In this report, the groups of youngsters (19 below) and students accounted for more than 46.1% and 46.4% respectively in the new increase of Internet users (). For these young Internet users, their needs for computers are mainly entertainment, communication, and a portable access to use a smart phone. Since the young generation has become the primary groups of Internet, there is an inevitable thinking for us that technology affects modern education enormously step by step.

I, as a student, also feel the convenience that the computer brings to me when I study the coursework. Nowadays, I cannot imagine a life without a computer. For my study, I use the computer to read the learning materials, prepare for my class, and review the class afterwards. When I meet difficulties in my curriculum work, I find help from my classmates, my friends, or even strangers online. Even in my personal life, I use computers and smart phones to entertain myself, contact my family members and communicate with my friends every day. After I have learned the lectures in Week 12, I find myself have a much deeper understanding on how technology affect the way of learning and teaching in today’s classroom. In the following, I…

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